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Welcome to Byrne Insight Online.

Welcome to Byrne Insight online. This website was developed to explain just what I do and how I can assist your Business, Organisation or Chamber through the process of Accreditation & Assessment, Facilitation & Planning, Mentoring as well as Seminars & Training.

Many great CEOs, Presidents, Staff and Board members find themselves at a crossroads; can we keep going as we are; do our structures fit our endeavors; are we ready to move forward and if so how do embrace this change. From my experience these and many more questions are best answered through working with an organisational behaviourist who can offer insight, knowledge and experience to the discussion. Perhaps we should have a conversation and see what is possible.

Peter Byrne, BSc, MSc (Mgnt), MBA

Finding solutions, driving innovation and managing change,

are all part of the development and growth of any organisation. In every sphere learning from peers and sharing knowledge greatly improves our chances of success. Peter has worked throughout the world, with organisations from over 77 countries. He has listened and shared experiences and knowledge with over 1,000 business professionals. Combined with his academic excellence in the field of organisational behavior he can assist you in the growth and development of your organisation. No environment is constant, no organisation can stand still. Managing your organisation in a changing environment is critical to success.

From accreditation and assessment to training and mentoring, Peter has engaged with business organisations at every level. As an Organisational Behaviourist Peter will work with you and your organisation to adapt to your changing environment. Peter can assist you with benchmarking your organisation, training your board, volunteers and staff or facilitating your planning or development days.

Your organisations success can be enhanced through using the right structure, utilising your staff and non executive directors, engaging with your members and delivering the right services. Peter can share with you the experiences and knowledge gained from the most successful Chambers in the world. For further information including availability, costs and specific requirements please contact Peter by email Peter@ByrneInsight.com or by phone +353 86 851 2544.